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Maddy’s Musings: 5 Practices for Cultivating Body Respect


Episode 25 Hey friends! In today’s podcast, I talk about five really important practices for cultivating body respect and undoing a dysmorphic mindset. There are rituals and habits we perform or think about subconsciously that contribute to a negative outlook on your unique and utterly awesome body. These practices are a mixture of physical things, […] Read more…

Justin Janoska: Probiotics, Cruciferous Vegetables and Eating Your Fats


Episode 24 Today we’re talking with a man that’s on a mission to challenge pretty much everything that’s mainstream in regards to health and nutrition. He knows that the government is misleading when it comes to nutritional factors such as cholesterol, saturated fat, and dairy, and similarly, he also believes the media is preaching the […] Read more…

Product Review: Puma


Good morning! I have a fun post for today. I was sent Puma apparel on behalf of Fitfluential to wear during my workouts to review for their latest campaign. Being a fitness geek, this is a dream come true. Try on all their latest clothes and share my thoughts? SIGN ME UP! The following post is […] Read more…

Giving Up Control & Things I’m Loving Lately


Living in Boulder has been the most amazing thing that could have ever happened to me. Sometimes, to be completely cheesy and honest, I don’t even think it’s real life. I have things so good. I have an amazing job, I have a group of great friends, I live near mountains that I can see […] Read more…

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